Welcome to the website of the Monarchs Fans Trust where you will find all news and information on the Trust. We hope you find all the information you need to JOIN US and ensure the future of the Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway team and the sport of speedway in the Edinburgh and Lothians area.

What is the Monarchs Fans Trust?

-We are a group of every day Monarchs Fans
-We are here to help stabilise the finances of the club
-Our aim is to secure the long term future of the Monarchs
-We are independent of the promotion of the club
-We want to attract as many members as possible

Why are we needed?
-Club loses money every week
-Every year a significant 5 figure sum is needed to continue
-If this happens again the club could close

How can you help?
JOIN US and contribute to the future of the Monarchs
-Make regular monthly donations eg £10, £20, £25 or more
-Set up a direct debit on our web page
-We will be happy to receive donations in other forms
-Help shape the future of YOUR Trust and YOUR Monarchs

How the Monarchs Fans Trust will help?
-Regular payment to meet club fixed costs, e.g. Ambulance
-Build up a fund to meet unexpected cashflow problems

Your Chance To Save The Future of The Monarchs