2020 Pre-season update

The Away video night last Friday signaled a ramp up in preparations for the 2020 speedway season and the bikes will soon roar into action at Armadale later this month.  We also heard the great news that What The Fork will sponsor the Monarchs and Stellar will sponsor the Dale Devils, we welcome both to the speedway family and we hope it is the start of long and fruitful relationships.  Sponsorship is key to the future of our club and if you know of any companies or individuals who are interested in the Platinum memberships or any other advertising/sponsorship then contact the club.

The Fans Trust committee continue to meet monthly, at the first meeting of the year we confirmed that the main positions in the committee will remain unchanged for 2020:

  • Chairman: Len Jones
  • Treasurer: April Beveridge
  • Secretary: Dave Harley.

They will continue to be supported by the rest of the committee: Craig Beveridge, Stuart Coates, Dave King, Alan Paterson, Greer Robson, John Scholan, Jim Smith and Paul Strachan.  As always if you would like to get more involved and help with the committee please get in touch.  We are always looking for help and fresh ideas. 

The Trust funds were boosted over the winter thanks to the regular donations from our members, thank you for your continued contributions as they are vital to the continuance of Edinburgh Speedway.  Even with all the latest sponsorships the Monarchs Fans Trust is still key to the future of the club.  At our latest committee meeting we agreed to give the club £800 to help with pre-season preparations.  This is something we have done the last few years and the club have indicated that this season they intend to use the money to build boarding on the road next to the stadium to advertise the speedway.  As always there are a few things around the stadium that need a little TLC and they are determined to finish painting the back fence blue.  On that note they are looking for volunteers for the next few Saturdays to help with the work.  Check out the website and/or contact the club for more details.


GoCardless are the direct debit partner of the Monarchs Fans Trust, we have been using their service since we launched in 2015 as they enable us to collect contributions from our members easily.  They have recently increased their transaction fees to 1% +20p for every transaction (capped at £4). Previously it was 1% capped at £2 so an increase in 20p per transaction.  We will continue to use GoCardless but will also investigate the best way to keep all running costs to a minimum so we can maximise the contributions we receive from our members.  You can also contribute regularly to the Fans Trust by standing order details, just ask us to send you a form.

The committee will continue to work with the club to help promote speedway in the east of Scotland by developing and attending the Community Initiative, the Saltire Motorcylces Demo Day on 28th March, gala days throughout the region and various other occasions and events.  If you have any questions or would like any more information then do not hesitate to get in contact.