Fans Trust Update

Just a short update to say that the minutes from the 2021 Monarchs Fans Trust AGM were sent out to all members last night. If you are a member and have not received an email please get in CONTACT so we can make sure our records are up to date and you get all future correspondence.

Through 2021 the Trust made contributions totalling £8,100 to Edinburgh Speedway, thank you to all our members for making this possible.  We know how vital this is to the future of speedway in the east of Scotland and the Edinburgh Monarchs.  We also thank everyone for continuing to support the Trust throughout the calendar year as we continue to receive monthly subscriptions over the winter.  This helps the Trust finances to be in a relatively healthy position today but as British Speedway and society struggles to recover from the effects of 2 years of Covid we know there are challenging times ahead.  As usual the Trust committee will work with the Club to tackle these challenges and push everyone forward to hopefully a brighter future on and off track.  If you would like to get more involved or help with any Trust initiatives please let us know. 

Following on from the exciting announcement of the 2022 Edinburgh Monarchs and the racesuit opportunities the countdown has now started for the new speedway season.  Hopefully the latest Covid restrictions will be long gone before the first meeting in April and we can look forward to some exciting racing and everyone getting back a lot closer to normal this year. 

If you have any questions on the AGM minutes or anything else Trust related please let us know.