Pre-Season Draw Winners

Josh Pickering and Len Jones draw the winning ticket

The 2017 Pre-season draw was made at Saltire Motorcycles on Saturday 25th March at 4pm by Monarchs newest recruit Josh Pickering. It was a another great success as we raised £911 in 3 days, thank you to everyone that bought a ticket. As last year April and Craig Beveridge were busy at the 2017 Season Launch Live on Thursday, the Press and Practice on Friday and all day on Saturday at the Saltires Motorcycles Birthday Bash. The club donated some fantastic prizes with Derek Hay picking up the top prize of hospitality for 20 people, congratulations Derek.

There was also a very successful online sale, with £150 collected through the GoCardless payment system. Thank you to everyone that bought tickets online it made it worthwhile and will be used again in the future. In fact 2 of the prize winners purchased their winning ticket online!

Full list of the prize winners are below. April Beveridge will be beside the Track Shop at the Scottish Open where all winners can collect their prizes before the meeting starts (6.15-7.00).

Prize Winning Ticket No Winner
Night in Hospitality for 20 people 00355 Derek Hay
2017 Monarchs Season Ticket 00627 Ross Green*
Night in Hospitality for 4 people 00318
Eddie Taylor
Gemma Lumsden
Free Admission tickets for 2 people 00711
CJ Cusack
Jane Winthrop
Duncan Swanson

*Ross Green who won the season ticket is already an existing season ticket holder, an alternative prize will be identified for Ross.

Volunteers at the Monarchs pitch at the Saltire Motorcycle Birthday Bash

It was a great day at the Saltire Motorcycles Birthday Bash and a massive thank you is due to all our volunteers who helped out on the day especially Geoff Craythorne for providing his vintage bikes, Scott Girdwood with the new Speedway card and Josh Pickering for bringing along his bike and spending time with visitors to the Monarchs pitch. There is also a new gater bike that the club have spent time developing and that was available for everyone to come along to test their reactions dropping the clutch. This was a popular attraction on the day and will be available at Armadale soon.

John Scholan tries his luck on the new Gater Bike Challenge