Auction Update

After one day of the auction for the 2017 Edinburgh Parsons Peebles Monarchs season ticket the leading bid is £220. The Trust would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to make a bid and shown an interest. The deadline is midnight tonight so get in soon before it is gone.


Good luck to everyone taking part.

2017 Season Ticket Auction

Ross Green who won the 2017 Edinburgh Parsons Peebles Monarchs season ticket in our pre-season draw has donated it back to the Trust as he is already a season ticket holder. This will be auctioned online to the highest bidder with a deadline of midnight on Thursday 13th April. The price of a season ticket for 2017 was £266 so this is a great chance to grab yourself a bargain. There has been an initial bid of £120 which is less than half price so please place bids now.

Thank you to Ross for donating his prize and good luck to everyone taking part. CLICK HERE to place bid.

Home banner – photo courtesy of Ron MacNeill

Pre-Season Draw Winners

Josh Pickering and Len Jones draw the winning ticket

The 2017 Pre-season draw was made at Saltire Motorcycles on Saturday 25th March at 4pm by Monarchs newest recruit Josh Pickering. It was a another great success as we raised £911 in 3 days, thank you to everyone that bought a ticket. As last year April and Craig Beveridge were busy at the 2017 Season Launch Live on Thursday, the Press and Practice on Friday and all day on Saturday at the Saltires Motorcycles Birthday Bash. The club donated some fantastic prizes with Derek Hay picking up the top prize of hospitality for 20 people, congratulations Derek.

There was also a very successful online sale, with £150 collected through the GoCardless payment system. Thank you to everyone that bought tickets online it made it worthwhile and will be used again in the future. In fact 2 of the prize winners purchased their winning ticket online!

Full list of the prize winners are below. April Beveridge will be beside the Track Shop at the Scottish Open where all winners can collect their prizes before the meeting starts (6.15-7.00).

Prize Winning Ticket No Winner
Night in Hospitality for 20 people 00355 Derek Hay
2017 Monarchs Season Ticket 00627 Ross Green*
Night in Hospitality for 4 people 00318
Eddie Taylor
Gemma Lumsden
Free Admission tickets for 2 people 00711
CJ Cusack
Jane Winthrop
Duncan Swanson

*Ross Green who won the season ticket is already an existing season ticket holder, an alternative prize will be identified for Ross.

Volunteers at the Monarchs pitch at the Saltire Motorcycle Birthday Bash

It was a great day at the Saltire Motorcycles Birthday Bash and a massive thank you is due to all our volunteers who helped out on the day especially Geoff Craythorne for providing his vintage bikes, Scott Girdwood with the new Speedway card and Josh Pickering for bringing along his bike and spending time with visitors to the Monarchs pitch. There is also a new gater bike that the club have spent time developing and that was available for everyone to come along to test their reactions dropping the clutch. This was a popular attraction on the day and will be available at Armadale soon.

John Scholan tries his luck on the new Gater Bike Challenge

The Parsons Peebles Monarchs are under way

The Edinburgh Parsons Peebles Monarchs season has kicked off in fine style with the 2017 Season Launch Live on Thursday night and the Press and Practice session on Friday. At the launch Gordon Campbell took the place of Graham Norton interviewing the riders and promotion who were relaxed on the sofa sharing laughs and their aims for 2017. All were in a confident, up beat mood raring to go and if the season is to pan out like this it is sure to be an entertaining one. The riders then got their first opportunity this year to ride the Armadale track and all the reports coming back were positive with newcomers Josh Pickering and Ricky Wells particularly impressing and everyone looking good and showing promise. If the season was to progress like that then it has a good chance of being a successful one. A very welcome addition to the day was the sun, the weather last season almost brought the club to its knees so it was great to start the year with a dry day, hopefully that become the norm on Fridays this year giving the riders the best chance of fulfilling their potential.

A massive boost on Thursday night was the announcement that Parson Peebles will be the team sponsors for 2017, this is fantastic news and removes some of pressure of the finances of the club. Parsons Peebles are an iconic Edinburgh company formed in 1898 in Leith as Bruce Peebles and Company and are now based in Rosyth. The Monarchs Fans Trust was setup to help secure the future of speedway in the east of Scotland but a good sponsor is also pivotal to the future of the club. Fans Trust chairman Len Jones has been working hard to secure the deal and a massive thank you is due to him and everyone at Parsons Peebles who made this happen, here’s hoping it is the start of a long and fruitful relationship for both parties.

At the Launch night and the practice sales for the PRE-SEASON DRAW have been going really well and the Trust committee thank everyone who has bought a ticket so far, tickets can still be bought online and will be available at the Saltire Motorcycles Birthday bash tomorrow. The deadline for purchasing tickets online is 1100 on Saturday morning so if you want a chance to win one of the fantastic prizes make sure you get your ticket. Got to be in it to win it.

Saltires 11th Birthday Bash

Edinburgh Monarchs will be represented at the @SaltireMCycle birthday bash on Saturday 25th March and the Fans Trust representatives will be there all day to help promote the club on the eve of the 2017 season. The event is at Saltire Motorcycles Ltd., 553 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 3XX Tel: 0131 478 6661 Opening Hours: 9.00am – 5.30pm and more details can be found on their website

At the event as well as promoting the speedway we will also be selling tickets to our 2017 pre-season draw with fantastic prizes including hospitality for 20 people and an Edinburgh Monarchs season ticket. Tickets cost £1 and the winners will be drawn at the end of the day.

Draw Tickets can be Purchased Online

After a couple of requests in the last day we have set up the capability to buy tickets for the Pre-season Draw online. This will allow supporters who will not be at any of the events this week to buy tickets. This is using our GoCardless partner to set up a ONE OFF payment by Direct Debit, we will not be authorised to take payments for anything else. You can currently buy 1, 2, 5 or 10 tickets using this method. If you would like to buy a different amount either make multiple payments or email the mailbox and we can set up a different amount for you.

To save on postage we will not be sending tickets out that are bought online unless you specifically request it and pay for postage, we hope you understand and trust us to enter the tickets on your behalf. We will email you the ticket numbers allocated to you and after the draw will email a list of all the winning tickets.


Edinburgh Speedway Launches this Weekend

On Friday after a long winter we will see bikes roar at Armadale for the first time in 2017, the Press and Practice day is the first time all 7 riders will be together on track as they finalise preparations for the new season. Always an exciting time of the year when the supporters get the first insight into what kind of team we will have. As usual the promotion have put together 7 riders with good potential to improve so we can hope for an exciting season.

The night before we have the 2017 Season Launch Live at the Cairn Hotel in Bathgate where fans will meet and hear from the riders and the management. A new initiative from the club and it should be a big turn out and a great night as we all look forward to Friday 31st March and the 2017 Scottish Open.

The Monarchs Fans Trust will be at both events where we will be selling tickets for the 2017 PRE-SEASON DRAW. The club have put up some fantastic prizes, first prize is a night in hospitality for 20 people worth £780. Second prize is a 2017 Edinburgh Monarchs season ticket with further prizes of hospitality and admission tickets. Tickets are £1 each and the prizes will be drawn at the Saltire Birthday Bash on Saturday afternoon.

We will also have polo shirts for sale and a number of committee members will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about the Trust.

Trust representatives will also be at the Saltire Motorcycle Birthday Bash on Saturday to help the club promote speedway and spread the word of the Edinburgh Monarchs pop along and see us.

2017 Season Launch Live – Thursday 23rd March 7.30pm (doors 7.00pm) at the Cairn Hotel, Bathgate,  Blackburn Rd, West Lothian EH48 2EL see for tickets.

Press and Practice – Friday 24th March 2.00pm at Armadale Stadium

Saltire’s 11th Birthday Bash – Saltire Motorcycles, 553 Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh EH11 3XX see for more details.

Pre-Season Draw

The Monarchs Fans Trust are holding a PRE-SEASON DRAW this week as the 2017 starts in earnest for Edinburgh Speedway. The club have put up some fantastic prizes including hospitality for 20 people worth £780 and an Edinburgh Speedway season ticket, great prizes for any Monarchs Fan.

Fans Trust representatives will be at the Season Launch Live at the Cairn Hotel on Thursday, the Press and Practice on Friday afternoon at Armadale Stadium and at the Saltire Motorcycle 11th Birthday bash all day Saturday.

Tickets cost £1 and the prizes will be drawn after 4pm Saturday afternoon at Saltire Motorcycles

Away Video Night

The Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway away video night takes place tonight (Friday 3rd March) in the Thomas Morton Hall in Leith. Mike Hunter has prepared lots of footage of our meetings on the road in 2016 for what is always a good night and we might get first sight of some of the 2017 team. It looks to be another exciting year for the Monarchs and it will be great to hear some of the plans.

There will be members of the Monarchs Fans Trust committee in attendance if you have any questions or need any more information. We will have a limited number of polo shorts available for sale on the evening, they are £15 each please come and say hello.

Sam’s back

At another thoroughly entertaining video night Sam Masters was announced as the 4th signing for the Monarchs in 2017, great news which was very well received by the hall. A very good crowd was there watching highlights of the home matches of 2016. Dave Harley spokesman for the Trust spoke during the interval thanking all members for enabling donations that total over £40,000 to be made to the club since February 2015. Dave also thanked everyone who had contributed to the raffle which was very successful and raised over £2,000. Johnny Beskow won the £500 first prize, unfortunately he couldn’t be there on Friday but Peter Fernie accepted the cheque on his behalf. We have recently received a number of polo shirts that are available to buy, modeled by April Beveridge and Dave Harley below. They cost £15 each if you would like to buy one then send an email to the mailbox.