About Us

More detailed information can be found from the following pages

PROSPECTUS – A statement of the main purpose of the Fans Trust and why we exist.

COMMITTEE – More details on the current committee can be found here

CONSTITUTION – The fine print, all the rules and regulations of the Monarchs Fans Trust

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the Fans Trust

One of our main aims is to be open and honest with all of our members and potential members as possible. If there is any information you require that you cannot find on the website then please do not hesitate to contact us. The main ways to do that are

  • Use the form on the CONTACT US page
  • Email us on info@monarchsfanstrust.co.uk
  • Post on our Facebook page
  • Speak directly to a committee member, we always welcome good constructive chats about how best to take our message forward. We can often be found in the bar after the meetings on a Friday night.