The Problem: The Monarchs’ long term future is in doubt due to annual losses that are becoming unsustainable:

Without eradicating these losses, or finding additional funding, the Monarchs may not be able to run in 2016 and beyond.

Our Monarchs speedway club have recently stated the following:
“We need to make it clear that in the coming season the club must reduce substantially the losses incurred over the past few seasons or else this promotion will not be in a position to continue in future years.”

It is no secret that the cost of running speedway has risen. Over the past four years especially, Monarchs’ fans and directors have forked out to plug the gap between income and outgoings, but as these admirable efforts tend to be on an ad hoc basis, we inevitably return to the same position again.

We are far from being the only club under financial strain, but a group of Monarchs’ supporters are making plans to boost the funds available on an on-going basis, to assist in making Monarchs stable for the future, and able to look more than one year ahead.

The Solution: A new Monarchs’ fans trust to allow Monarchs’ fans to contribute to the funding of the club and ensure the long term survival of the Monarchs:

There are already fundraising initiatives at Armadale, but this new venture will be run independently of the Monarchs’ board of directors and any other existing group, though we would like to think that all will be supportive. The club’s directors have been informed of our plans and are delighted that the fans are mobilising to provide this vital support.

This new group will be called: THE MONARCHS FANS TRUST

It will be run by a small committee of Monarchs supporters who will be elected by their fellow supporters who join and contribute to the Trust.

Supporters who would like to join the Trust will be able to contribute a monthly amount in line with what they can afford. There will be no set donation amount but a suggested donation of £10 per month upwards would be a good starting point. Whatever can be afforded. The Trust will be flexible enough to allow members to contribute larger amounts on an ad hoc basis but regular contributions are important to ensure on-going stability for the Monarchs. A bank account has been set up to accumulate funds. Funds that are generated by the Trust could be used for a specific purpose (for example for the purchase of tyres etc) or to provide monthly funds to support the club’s running costs throughout the season. The final decision as to how the money will be spent will be up to the elected committee of the Trust on behalf of the members of the Trust.

The Monarchs Fans Trust will be set up on similar lines to the recently set up Hearts and Hibs fans trusts, however, in our case, the sole intention is to assist the club through the provision of funding (with no intention to gain a stake in the club).

Initially, the purpose of the Trust will be to ensure the continued survival of the Monarchs, however, on a more optimistic note, we would hope that if, and when the financial climate changes for Speedway in general, and the Monarchs in particular, the Trust could be used for more positive purposes like the building of a training track, for example.

How to get involved:

If you would like to join the Monarchs Fans Trust and set up a monthly contribution to help ensure the survival of the Monarchs then please go to our JOIN US page now. On this page you can set up a direct debit for a regular payment or a one off payment.

If you would like to find out more information or pledge in an alternative way then get in touch with us via our CONTACT US page and a committee member will get back to you as soon as possible.