Friday Nights without Speedway

Fans Trust former chairman and founding member Scott Somerville has been missing us all and got in contact recently to send us a message.

No More Friday Night Speedway!!

A few people may know that I’ve relocated and now live in the Czech Republic (or Czechia to give the country its official new name).

The biggest thing I miss (aside from friends and family) is my Friday evening at Armadale.

There weren’t many things that came close to the buzz of excitement that I’d get on a Friday, knowing that I’d see The Monarchs in action. Corny but true.

Before I left the country I had a number of friends indicate to me that I’d really miss the speedway. I thought I’d be fine, after all, it’s only a bit of sport.

Believe me, I miss it, ……badly.

I now know what is meant by ‘You don’t miss it until it’s gone’.

I guess that phrase could also be the ethos behind the Monarchs Fans Trust.

The committee on behalf of the Trust members has worked tirelessly over the years to help the Club not only by raising additional funds but also by helping to spread the speedway word. It must be quite difficult for them all to stay positive amidst the declining popularity of the sport.

However, it has been very encouraging to read a few notable positive news stories of late.

The first, the Staggs Bar Musselburgh joining as main sponsor. This was tremendous news because as we know every penny counts in the battle to keep the Club alive.

The second, the appointment of Scott Frame as Commercial Director. To have an individual like Scott dedicated to this role is a real boost to all involved in raising sponsorship and promoting the Edinburgh Monarchs name. He is a positive ‘can do’ character and I know he’ll be doing his very best to generate more sponsorship and Club awareness. That said I’m certain he’d welcome any positive suggestions or line of enquiry.

The third, the Community Scheme Initiative. When I heard that this had a very positive uptake I was delighted for all the people involved in creating and putting this idea into fruition. To bring along local youth groups (football teams, etc.) to experience the speedway is exactly what is required so that we have a new generation of supporter to fall in love with the sport. Feedback from the groups has been very positive, which must help boost the morale of all within the Trust and Club.

So please do what you can to help the Club, spread the word, raise funds, encourage sponsorship, suggest a youth group that may interested in the Community Scheme, keep the club alive, because believe me……

You’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Scott Somerville